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1st-Jul-2013 01:16 am - Hello
ghost and pumpkin
I hope everyone is doing alright. Sorry I haven't really been around. Feel free to message me, anytime, if you need help with anything.

20th-May-2007 04:11 pm - 07 grads
follow your dreams
congrats 2007 grads:)
15th-May-2006 11:44 am - congrats
follow your dreams
congrats graduates of 2006
6th-Mar-2006 01:26 am - ideas?
hey, just trying to figure out how to get this community up and running. anyone have any ideas? it would be great to see this as an active community.

right now its foggy/snowy out up here. kinda yishy weather. should be interesting to see what tomarrow looks like outside.

hope you are all well.
14th-Feb-2006 04:00 am - happy valentines day
lots of hearts
valentines day copy
18th-Nov-2005 04:14 pm - the cable
if you have been missing the cable, its now online
17th-Nov-2005 03:18 am - what is....
what is your favorite memory (or more) of being at CSS?
18th-Oct-2005 01:31 pm - trying to get people
i went and posted comments on peoples journals that have it listed under the schools section or that i know go to school or have gone here. just bored right now. so, if you got a comment, please join and post something. a question, a memory, anything. pass it on to those with ties to CSS as well. i would like to get a big group going.

right now its kinda cloudy out, well it is cloudy out. its about 46* and just waiting for 2pm classes to start up. the leaves are really starting to get brown now, but like usual, we had some wonderful colors.

hope all is well.

27th-Sep-2005 03:48 pm - welcome!!!
Hey all

I'm Kirsten

I started this because there was a Scholastica community, but there is only a couple people in the group and there is no moderator over there and so noone can change anything around.

To get into the community, just find the "join community" link on the user info page, and join. You will have to be approved, only because I want to keep spammers out before they get in, so unless your journal looks like a spamming journal, you will get in. Any questions about this, email me at huggskf @ gmail.com

Feel free to post anything that you want, try to put graphics under a cut.

If you want to promote something, please make sure that its in Duluth or CSS or something like that and if it's another community that it relates to this one some how.

Just have fun. No bashing others. Feel free to voice your thoughts, but be awear that they might get challenged and those that challenge and/or support, just be curtious in what you have to say.

Have fun

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